Often anti-virus programs are chatty and display regular notifications that notify users of various issues, but this can be distracting especially for gamers who would like to focus on all their game with out interruptions. To assist them do this, Avast has introduced a new ‘silent mode’ which can be empowered to do away with all texts, www.avastforwindows.co popups, and notifications from the system while it is active.

Activating silent method in avast is a simple process, it will be allowed by clicking the options menu from the key Avast ui, or by using the keyboard secret Ctrl+Shift+S. The feature is customizable, permitting users to pick to deactivate all notices or certain types of them, including virus classification updates or perhaps security search within results.

The feature comes in the avast premier release but can easily end up being enabled within the free edition as well. To enable that, open the main avast program and click on ‘Settings’ ‘Components’. Next, choose ‘Silent Mode’ and toggle the in order to on job.

Once the feature is turned on, Avast will quickly enter private mode given it detects a full-screen app running on your computer. The warning announcement icon in the program tray should turn reddish to indicate that Avast is at silent setting, and you can without difficulty exit the feature simply by clicking the gaming icon again. The feature is a wonderful addition to the avast software program and it will prove to be extremely useful for avid gamers and others who are looking to execute resource-intensive responsibilities on their computer systems.